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Child’s Play

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Does your child like to play grown-up? Every kid I know does. How much fun would your child have with a customized play area built like a house where they can play, read, hang out…everything we grown-ups take for granted? We don’t ‘play house’ as much as we ‘keep house.’ Kids want to play house. And what place is better than the safety of your own basement? Harmony Homes has built some incredible play areas. Here is a sample of some of our favorites. If your child would love this unique play environment,...

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More than just landing the job

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For the most part I make it a practice not to rip on the work of another contractor. If I walk into someone else’s home and point out workmanship deficiencies, this can result in anxiety for the homeowner and possible feelings of discouragement where there weren’t any before. The last thing I want to do is exacerbate concerns that already exist. I’ve never really figured out why some contractors are so willing to do this after work has been done. The only thing I can figure is that it gives them a sense of ability by being able to...

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Special Offers

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These are some of the specials that Harmony Homes offers. Contact us now for more information: Free estimate and free conceptual drawing of the project Free surround sound when we finish your basement Free appliances when we remodel your kitchen We guaranty the time line we agree upon with you Take the opportunity to find out why Harmony Homes is the best choice for your home remodel project. Call us at 801-628-2190 or email

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Timeline Guarantee

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Any construction project is a stressful situation. Most people already have busy schedules, and to try and fit the color selection process and scheduling in is never easy and always intrusive. The primary reasons for this is timeline, cost, and making sure that the way they envisioned the project is the way it is going to turn out. So…. We guarantee a 10 week turn around. After 10 weeks we will start paying the home owner $500 a week until it is finished if we do not complete it on time. If you would like to hear the details of...

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Welcome to Harmony Homes! We specialize in residential and commercial remodels in Utah. We are excited to bring our company to you online and give you an opportunity to see what we have to offer and how it can make your remodel project simple, beautiful, and affordable. Check back for updates as we report on projects. We have over 15 years of experience and, as you will see on our site, hold ourselves to our word and our work. Thanks for checking us out.

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